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How to choose eyelashes

How to choose eyelashes

    False eyelashes can be divided into: mechanical eyelashes and handmade eyelashes. I believe everyone knows that handmade eyelashes are the best

quality eyelashes. And our MaryKay Lashes are just a handmade lashe vendors.


Therefore, choosing eyelashes does not necessarily depend on the brand, but mainly on style and workmanship. The export products have high quality

requirements, including the similarity of each pair, the fineness of each eyelash, and whether it passed the quarantine standards and sanitary standards of

the importing country.

According to the material, there are domestic fibers, imported fibers, real hair, animal hair, silk and so on. Of course, the eyelashes we wear on a daily basis

can be roughly divided into the following types of stems: 1. Plastic transparent stems, the material is similar to the fishing line we usually use, is

characterized by wearing transparent and non-marking, suitable for nude makeup, and stylish; the disadvantage is comparison It has toughness and

elasticity, and the eyelash glue needs to be super sticky.

2. Silicone transparent terrier: This kind of terrier is soft and easy to wear. The eyelashes are glued up and embedded inside. The disadvantage is relatively

thick, but some people like it.

3. Cotton stalk: This is the most common. The stalk is cotton, similar to the usual sewing cotton, and the eyelashes are tied one by one. The advantage is that

it is comfortable to wear and lightweight. The disadvantage is that it is not obedient when soft. This process is widely used.

4. Cotton thread black stalk: It is more cotton thread, but the eyelashes are inlaid one by one. This process is related to the material of eyelashes. Therefore, the advantages of using this process are comfortable and stylish, but thicker: this process is common in high-end eyelashes.

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