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How to choose the lashes that suit you

How to choose the lashes that suit you

  When choosing eyelashes, be sure to look at its softness: press it gently with your hands to see if it deforms. A good

eyelash can still return to its original shape after being pressed by hand, and then choose a thick or evenly distributed or

curled type according to your preference.Then, it means you need to choose a good lash vendors.



1. If your eyes belong to the long-eye type, and you want your eyes to look round and cute, it is suitable to choose a style

with a longer middle. Or trim the false eyelashes shorter to accentuate the lashes in the middle of the eyes.

2. If the person with round eyes wants to have the feeling of long eyes, they can choose the tail long section, but the tail

long section is a more exaggerated style. If you wear natural eyelashes, trim the short part of the back of the eyelashes

and leave the longer part.

3.People with single eyelids have a little difficulty wearing false eyelashes. You can use harder false eyelashes to support

them. Pay special attention to the eye and make it shorter, and don’t put your eyelashes close to your eyes.

4.Not only that, you also need to find a high-quality eyelash supplier to buy high-quality lash vendors. You must know

that good eyelashes are much more comfortable to wear than those of inferior ones. For the comfort of your eyes, you 

 need to find quality eyelash vendors.

《what kind of lashes wholesaler do they have in the market?》

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