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How to customize your eyelashes packaging

How to customize your eyelashes packaging

  MaryKay is a professional eyelash vendors,At the same time, we also produce custom eyelash packaging boxes and provide Free logo and brand name

services for every customer.As long as you buy the eyelash packaging box at MaryKay, you can own your own brand name and logo for Free!!!

《The Best-Selling Custom Eyelash Packaging In 2021》

custom eyelash packaging boxes

  So, how to start customizing your own logo? First of all, MaryKay lashes company as a famous eyelash vendors,when you make a payment, our salesperson

will immediately arrange the designer to design the logo for the client. The client can inform the designer of his logo idea, such as what font or logo color. If

you have a customer with your own logo, you can directly send your logo to the salesperson, and the salesperson will immediately  transfer it to the designer

for design.

custom eyelash packaging boxes


Lash packaging

  After about an hour or two, the designer will send the designed picture to the salesperson, and the salesperson will transfer it to the customer for

confirmation. Where the customer is not satisfied, the designer will modify it until the customer is satisfied. After confirming the design, The salesperson will

arrange the order and wait for the factory to print custom packaging boxes.《How To Start A Business Line With Free Eyelash Packaging ?》

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