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How to quickly understand MaryKay Top 4 custom eyelash boxes

How to quickly understand MaryKay Top 4 custom eyelash boxes

  MaryKay as an excellent eyelash vendors ,We have made great achievements in the field of custom eyelash packaging boxes. The first custom eyelash

packaging boxes is a phone box designed by MaryKay. It is designed with a translucent pull box in the catalog box. The outside of the pull box is holographic

material, so the phone-shaped logo is printed on the box Especially true.《what-are-the-popular-money-box-styles/

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  The second custom eyelash packaging box is our radio box, which is similar to the first telephone box. The radio box is also designed with a holographic

material pull box.At the same time, in order to make the radio box look more real, we will cover the original holographic color with pink on the outside of

the box.《the-latest-acrylic-eyelash-packaging-box》

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  The third custom eyelash packaging box is “Lash Wood” packaging boxes.This box is designed with all laser boxes. After the design, the whole box is a

dense grid, and then add the brand name, eyelash logo and other patterns, very popular with customers.

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  The fourth custom eyelash packaging box is transparent acrylic butterfly box, This box is cheaper than the previous three boxes, but our acrylic box is very 

Sturdy and of good quality.This box is full of butterfly logos. After printing, the whole box is lifelike. Not only that, MaryKay as a famous lash vendors, we

will print butterflies of different colors on the box according to customer requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.

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