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How to distinguish if the eyelashes you bought are mink eyelashes

How to distinguish if the eyelashes you bought are mink eyelashes

    With the increase of people’s economic income and the advent of the era of low profit in the market economy, more and more women like to wear mink

eyelashes, MaryKay Lashes as a well-known eyelash vendors,we sells 100% mink eyelashes. Our mink eyelashes are fluffy and natural, almost no weight, so

they are very popular with customers.《Where To Buy Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?》

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     Mink hair is a relatively expensive raw material for eyelashes, so how to buy mink eyelashes is a matter of concern to consumers. but some unscrupulous

merchants use other materials to act as mink eyelashes under the drive of interest. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish true and false mink eyelashes

from the appearance of eyelashes.

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     True mink eyelashes are clearly different from other eyelashes, When scalding with hot water, the mink hair is easy to deform, and the fiber hair is not

easy to deform. Secondly, it is burned with fire. The mink hair has the smell of burning hair and is squeezed into a powder by hand after burning. The fiber

has the smell of burning plastic. After burning, it looks like a knot, not broken.

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    Mink hair first appeared in 2011 as a raw material for eyelashes. At that time, most of the market was artificial eyelashes, which is what we call ordinary

eyelashes. However, this artificial eyelashes have no hair peaks, and the texture is not soft enough, and some are inferior The chemical hair is not good for

eye health.

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