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How to wear eyelashes correctly

How to wear eyelashes correctly

     Eyelashes meet the wishes of girls with short and rare eyelashes. Long and curled eyelashes magnify the eyes radially, which is one of the magic

weapons necessary for make-up. But some girls always feel that false eyelashes are very troublesome, and it is not easy to operate, and it is very ugly to

wear them. Today MaryKay eyelash vendors will teach you how to wear false eyelashes.

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    Step1. Draw the eyeliner before wearing the false eyelashes, and then use the eyelash curler to curl your own eyelash curler a little, so that the false

eyelashes will be specially fitted and will not split into two layers.


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    Step2. Compare the tweezers or eyelashes at the eyes, and then cut off the remaining parts. It is not necessary to be too close to the eye when

wearingeyelashes, otherwise it will cause uncomfortable eyes. Do not be reluctant to cut when it is cut. It does not matter if you start hard, otherwise it will

affect the eye comfort.

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    Step3. Use two hands to pinch the two ends of the cut eyelashes, and then bend the eyelashes to make the eyelashes fan out, so that the curvature of the

eyelashes will fit the shape of the eye. Spread the mascara evenly, pay attention to the amount of the mascara, do not need too much or too little, the false

eyelashes can be easily lifted at the head and tail, and only then apply more.

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   Step5. Wait until the glue changes from milky white to translucent, and then put it on when it is half dry. About ten seconds! The glue is the most sticky

and best to wear at this time. Put the mirror under the line of sight so that you can clearly see the end of your eyelashes. After holding the false eyelashes

with tweezers, put it on the end of the eyelashes and put it on. First fix the middle part, and then stick it to the head and the end of the eye. If the fat layer

of the eye is too thick, you can choose to use your fingers to support the eyelid, and then align the end of the eyelashes. Note that the more you fit your

eyelashes, the better the result.

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