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How to maintain your mink eyelashes

How to maintain your mink eyelashes

  MaryKay Lashes who is an wholesale mink eyelash vendors will tell u How to apply, and how to care for your mink lashes:

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  MaryKay Lashes who is an wholesale mink eyelash vendors.Before you wear your lashes you want to make sure they fit. If you apply the lash without

trimmi it to fit your eye, they will most likely be too long which will make them uncomfortable. We recommends using a swivel mirror on the

magnified side. You want to be looking down, basically the mirror should be looking up your nose. It’s not the most flattering angle, but this awkward angle

will give you the best view to apply your lashes. Also take note which lash is designed for your right eye, and which is designed for the left eye.


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  Remove the lash from the case carefully with tweezers from the outer edge, and fit them to your lash-line. Lay the lash gently over your natural lash to

measure your lash-line. Look in the mirror to determine how much excess you’ll need to trim. Be careful not to trim too much, and only trim from the outer

edge. Once you have your lash perfectly sized, it’s time to apply them.

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  MaryKay Lashes who is an wholesale mink eyelash vendors.Apply a thin line of AVOU Lashes Glue to the mink lash, and wait for at least 30 to 60 seconds

before you carefully set the lash on-top of your natural lash. Once you’ve set the lash on your lash-line push them into the corners of your eyes, then squeeze

the naturals and minks together with your tweezers. The mink lashes already have that rich color you’re looking for, therefore, they don’t need another coat

of mascara once they’re adhered.

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