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What Are Mink Eyelashes

What Are Mink Eyelashes

  Mink Eyelah is the false eyelash that USES mink hair as raw material to make it. Mink hair is usually obtained from the fur of the mink’s naturally shed tail and a small amount of back hair.

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 Mink fur is usually derived from captivity mink, American mink such minks more for artificial cultivation, hair in the hair length, size, color are average, and then eyelash workers carefully selected those 32-35 cm in length mink fur fall off naturally, and ensure that every hair has maofeng tea, so that we can make a complete mink eyelashes.

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Mink eyelash advantage

1. The structure of mink hair is close to that of human hair.

2. Compared with other materials, mink hair is softer and natural.

3. Mink hair is highly processable in the later stage, which can achieve 3d eyelash effect.

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Mink Eyelash


Wearing a method

1. Compare the length of your eyeliner and cut off the excess eyeliner.

2. The eyelashes wear special glue, even, thin on the surface of eyelash eyeliner, static moment such as Glue air-dry.

3. Use eyelash tweezers clip eyelash root, make its eyeliner close to his upper eyelid, close the contract about appropriate adjustment position, suitable for his dressing needs.

4. Can Use eyelash curler to clip his true false eyelash gently, make close fit.

5. If still have demand, can daub a few Mascara appropriately, or make up a few eyeliner appropriately.

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Maintenance method

1. After each eyelash removal, should use warm water to wash off the remaining glue, natural air-dry.

2. Then put the lashes back into the original eyelash tray and leave to cool and dry.

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