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What are the most popular Eyelash Boxes of 2020?

What are the most popular Eyelash Boxes of 2020?

Marykay Lashes is a professional supplier of Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash Packaging. We have a professional design team that can design a variety of boxes for customers. We will print logos on the boxes for customers. We have more than 200 box styles!

First Place Butterfly clear cases:any products related to butterflies are popular this year, such as eyelash packaging, clothes, lip gloss, even tattoos, etc.Therefore, in line with the market trend, we launched the butterfly series of boxes, blue, purple, pink, yellow, butterfly boxes in any color you want, and received every customer’s favorite, and our customers’ customers also like it very much. , So our client’s business is very, very good

Butterfly Cases

Second Place lashwoods packing:No matter what color box, it will perfectly match your logo,Has a tight hexagonal pattern. Looks like a hive,And On this box, the customer can see at a glance that this is the custom eyelash packaging box for eyelashes, and can clearly know how many pairs of eyelashes are inside.

Lashwoods Packing

Third Place glitter packaging the glittering box makes your box stand out among a pile of boxes, shining with different light. The high-quality box with high-quality mink eyelashes is the best choice for customers.

Glitter Packaging Box

Fourth Place pink money box :The pink money box is an indispensable thing in people’s lives. The eyelash box packaging made of pink money shape is both novel and beautiful.

Pink Money Packaging

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