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Who Are The Top Best Vendors for lashes?

Who Are The Top Best Vendors for lashes?

  • miis Lashes, as one of the best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor, we supply top grade Lashes Wholesale service, all the lashes are the best mink lashes in the market at competitive wholesale price.And today will show you the details about our Luxury Lashes Wholesale service. You’ll learn the first important thing about the current eyelash market .At the same time, you will learn about the stratification of Wholesale Lashes and price and profit of the current eyelash market.

customized lash boxes

customized lash boxes

1 Which Eyelash Wholesale Should You Choose?

First , Best Quality Lashes .

  • All the customer choose the eyelash first, what they need is high quality lashes instead of the service and price.So you should choose best lashes vendors first, make the right order and then you will own the best mink lashes.If you want to know the professional skills on how to distinguish the lashes, you can read the post we publishes before.

Second, 100% Handmade Lashes Wholesale.

  • Why choose lashes made by hand?All the luxury lashes are made by hand to make a good 3D appearance ,and if you choose the one made by machine, that will be cheap and the same shape without soul .In fact , our skilled workers can only produce 10 pairs luxury mink lashes one day . We pay too much time and energy to select the best mink fur from the raw material choose the best tail mink fur and make the perfect structure which machine can’t do that.《Why Do So Many Girls Like Mink Eyelashes》

2 Who Design Wholesale Eyelash?

  • All the luxury styles in the market are designed by our own designer, Oscar. Who has a special understanding of the beauty of women.No Lashes Factories in the world can design and produce such luxury lashes . We are the best Mink Lashes Vendor in the market who provide competitive wholesale mink lashes prices.
  • Oscar is one of the best eyelash designer in the world. He goes to Paris fashion week every year to study new design ideas and show styles in order to design a perfect eyelash .who is very professional in the use of color in line collocation modeling structure and aesthetics.He and his team use all this factor to our eyelash , so our luxury lashes style are unique in the market. You will find our luxury lashes are special and they are different than the others .

design your own eyelash packaging

design your own eyelash packaging

3 Why Our Luxury Lashes Are Safe?

  • Most Lashes Vendor USA would like to purchase the safe eyelash, but they don’t know how to choose the safe one.Today , we will show you the key two point of the guarantee measures.

The First One Is The Raw Material.

  • All our raw materials are sterilized by high temperature steam.

The Second Is The Molding Process.

  • We use physical heating to change the curl of the eyelashes in stead of the chemical liquid. So our luxury are safe and natural mink lashes .So only our eyelashes can truly show the charm and taste of women. And this is the second reason why women would like to choose our luxury mink lashes. Only our eyelashes can reveal a woman’s personality and passion. We know women much better than the other Eyelash Vendor.

4 Information About Our Lashes Wholesale Factory

  • Our lashes factory is located in Qingdao, China. Which is the birthplace of the eyelash in Qing Dynasty used in Beijing Opera.You may find tens of thousands eyelash factories in the world. But if you want to purchase best mink lashes , you should come to China.And you will find the right lashes you need.
  • Our skills worker are all local folk artist ,so, each of our eyelashes is a work of art.If you want to build your own eyelash brand , you should be responsible for the health and beauty of your customers, is that right ?You need a top grade luxury mink lashes vendor who provide you top luxury mink lashes and top service .
  • We just the only choice you need to choose. We are confident with our luxury lashes and service.You will get more customer and more profits from the cooperation with us. And your lashes business will become bigger and bigger .As we said, it is very important to meet a Good Eyelash Vendor in your business line.

diy eyelash packagingdiy eyelash packagingdiy eyelash packagingdiy eyelash packaging

diy eyelash packaging

5 What A Good Eyelash Vendor Should Do For You?

  • A good eyelash wholesale vendor would provide too much service to you if you need help , such as the selling point of the product. Website building, sales strategy , target customer analysis.etc.

6 Why We Supply Top Service To Our Customers?

  • We are not only help our customer to solve the issues they met, but also gather the sales data and fresh information from the market.So we can do much better in the next step. We know much more than the other lashes factory.We know the market , we know what the woman like and the best seller. These helpful information is valuable treasure to us.It do help us to make a good research and development.The only constant in the world is change, we should keep foolish, keep hungry , keep moving.
  • So all the styles in the market is new and unique , we change the soft of the eyelashes band, we update the material of band to reach a good comfort level.All we did is invisible but you can feel with eye and heart. Our luxury lashes are light weight in order to avoid eye strain. You can even sleep with them.We find that some lady forgot the take off the eyelash in the daily life, so we should make sure the eyelash is safe and healthy .All those promotion comes from the data we gathered from the market.So we know too much more than you when it comes to the eyelash market.
  • We know which style is the best seller,which style is the most popular length in your market,how to promote your sales, how to build your lashes brand,how to build a good eyelash website,how to take a professional eyelashes photowe just don’t know why you can’t choose us and purchase the luxury lashes right now .Give us a chance, we will show you the real luxury mink lashes. Please DM me WhatsApp to get a free sample to test the quality of our luxury mink lashes.You will love our luxury lashes lashes and service.

diy lash packaging

diy lash packaging

7 The Price Of The Lashes Wholesale

  • According to our marketing research, our luxury lashes are not the highest price but the most reasonable lashes with competitive wholesale price.We have 13-16mm natural lashes, 20mm lashes and 25mm long dramatic lashes,28mm long dramatic lashes. And the price is 2 USD to 10 USD according to the style and quantity.
  • The more the cheaper.If you want to check the details cost of your order , you can add WhatsApp to get the competitive wholesale price.And the retail price is 25 USD to 45 USD, so you will have to much profits from the Mink Lashes Business Line.And more professional knowledge and helpful skills welcome contact us.
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How to install quick weave long hairs step by step?

How to install quick weave long hairs step by step?

  • Are you very much fond of long hair? But not confident that you can maintain your own long hairs? Not to worry here we have come up with the Quick weaves. As these weaves are available in both long and short pattern, you can certainly satisfy your width to wear long hairs. Are you concern about installation of long hair wig? Not sure whether you will wear them correctly or not? In a dilemma that will they suit you? Be patient. So, here we have summarized some FAQ that will definitely help you in selection and/ or installation of your wig.

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

So, lets see after reading the blog what will you come to know about Quick Hair wigs?
1. What Is Quick Weave?
2. Why Use Quick Weave?
3. How Will You Get Benefited By Wearing Quick Weave?
4. How Quick Weave Is Good Over A Traditional One?
5. How Much Time Is Required To Install A Quick Weave Long Hair Wig?
6. How Much Length You Need To Install A Quick Weave?
7. What Are The Essentials You Will Need While Wearing Weaves?
8. A Step By Step Guide To Install Quick Weave.
9 Are Bundles For Quick Weave Can Be Used?
10. Where Can You Buy Your Very Own Good Quality Quick Hair Long Weave?


  • Like any other hair weave quick hair long weave is a full weave which deals with bonding of hair braids to weave cap. You can yourself or with slight help of your stylist can install the weave on your head. The process of this wig installation is surprisingly quick and a way easy to do. That way you are not bothered to perform your hair routine every day. Although everybody is fond of hair extensions, they are costly and time-consuming. For such purposes Quick weaves are a good option. Some presumptions are there about quick weaves that they are damaging but these are not true if they are handled, taken care and installed properly.
  • This quick weave is superb ways to give yourself a new charming look that too without overlooking your natural hair. Additionally these weaves allow you to perform your hair styling according to your choice and mood to complement your look. You can style them in any way you want like short, long, straight, and curly.

beauty forever human hair bundles

beauty forever human hair bundles


  • In this fast-moving world a very time can be spent on daily activities like hairdo or wing installation. Therefore Quick weaves as the name suggest come up as the faster method for weave installation and are also available with various materials like natural hair, synthetic hair and/or mixture of both. It is also available with different textures. But the main advantage remains the less time required when compared to other weaves.


Here we have listed some points which will definitely give your reasons to select Quick hair long weaves:

  • The time require for installation of Quick weaves is almost half of it taken by traditional sew in weaves. Even if you decided to go for installation at salon and not to do it yourself, then don’t worry you do not have to sit for long time in chair.
  • If you are tired of standing in front of mirror and keep adjusting your hair for many more time then quick weaves are a great relief to you. A very less time taken by them for installation when compared to traditional weaves makes them most favourate.The quick weaves need very low maintenance and are suitable for any season.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

Wholesale Hair Vendors

  • If you want to protect your natural hair for a while from pollutant, heat or chemicals then just don’t look here and there, choose quick weave sew in. these provide best protection to hair as hairs are generally hidden under the cap from outside environment.
  • All the aforesaid benefits of sew-in comes with a very affordable price range. So they are quit pocket-friendly also. You do not have to sacrifice your savings on these weaves.These quick weaves are not only easy to install but also easy to take off. You can expect merely a span of 45 min to hour to get free from your quick weaves.



  • When we compare quick weaves with those of traditional sew in weaves, with no doubt the newer quick weaves are best suited. They are more efficient in saving time, money of user. Also they are way easy to install than traditional one. Where traditional weaves almost require 2-3 hours of installation, quick weaves can be installed within 45 minutes to an hour. Quick weaves are also easy to take off then the other one. Within half an hour you are set free with your natural hairs.

Virgin Hair Vendors

Virgin Hair Vendors


  • The quick weaves totally live their name. As their name “quick weave” indicate they take relatively shorter period of time to install. If taken help of the professional stylish it takes almost less than one and half hour to install quick weaves. Sometimes you can finish the installation within 45 minutes also. By using quick
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Why Wear Human Hair HD Lace Wigs?

Why Wear Human Hair HD Lace Wigs?

Human hair HD lace wigs have swept the entire hairdressing industry. Since this is a relatively new trend, many women are still reluctant to try this hair. However, there is no doubt that this wig can enhance a woman’s appearance. Besides, it looks more natural than most types of wigs. So, what is a high-definition lace wig and why should you consider wearing it? Well, let us find out.


Brazilian Body Wave Bundles

1. It can be bleached to match your skin tone

  • As mentioned above, one of the best things about high-definition lace wigs is that they can be bleached or dyed to suit your skin tone. You can also separate it according to your own fashion taste. The best area for bleaching is the transparent undertone of the lace to suit your skin tone.《why-choose-caleche-hair-as-your-hair-vendors/》

2. HD wigs are perfect for any occasion

  • Some wigs are not suitable for certain occasions. But one of the best things about high-definition lace wigs is that they can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, graduation ceremony, etc. It is the perfect choice anytime, anywhere. Of course, this makes HD lace wigs very cost-effective, especially if you have the opportunity to attend and want to look great. You only need to wear a high-definition lace wig

3. The high-definition lace wig looks more realistic

  • Of course, this is one of the main reasons why you should start wearing a high-definition lace wig. Compared with other types of wigs, these wigs provide the wearer with a more natural appearance. The hair bundles in the HD lace wig are firmly fixed to the wig cap. Unless someone observes carefully, this is almost impossible to detect. Therefore, whenever you wear a high-definition lace wig, people will never believe that you are actually wearing a wig, and this is what people want to achieve when wearing a wig. Therefore, if you are looking for a wig that can make you look more natural in the market, then the high-definition lace wig is your best choice.

body wave hd lace wigs

body wave hd lace wigs

4. The high-definition lace wig has been removed

  • Unlike most types of wigs on the market, high-definition lace wigs have a natural hairline because the baby’s hair has been plucked out. This means that whenever you put on a high-definition lace wig, it looks like your own hair. Of course, “Awesome? You won’t have to go through the struggle to pick your wig. In the end, this will save you more time, especially if your time is tight.

5. They provide style versatility

  • One of the most important things that ladies look for when buying wigs is that wigs are so versatile. You need to design the wig in a variety of ways that suit your taste and mood. This can be easily achieved with high-definition lace wigs. You can separate the HD lace wig anytime and anywhere without worrying about it looking unnatural. In addition, you can also shape the HD lace wig into a bun, weave it, make your favorite ponytail, lay the braid or make popcorn. It all depends on your needs, because after all, you are free to do whatever you want.

6. These wigs are breathable

  • Nothing is more important than wearing a wig to make the scalp breathe. If you wear such a wig, you will feel comfortable regardless of the weather. Most ordinary wigs usually don’t allow the breathability, which can make you sweat, especially if you are in a poorly ventilated room. You will feel uncomfortable when wearing a high-definition lace wig. This’ is because the HD lace wig headgear is soft, light and comfortable. The front of the lace is made in Switzerland, making it easier for your scalp to breathe. Therefore, if you are tired of heavy wigs that feel uncomfortable and cause you to sweat too much, consider buying a high-definition lace wig.


Brazilian Curly Wave Bundles

7. You can wear high-definition lace wig for a long time

  • Wigs, especially those made of artificial hair, are of poor quality and have a short lifespan. This means you will not wear them for a long time. But with human hair HD lace wigs, you won’t have to worry about it because they are made with human hair to make them quality wigs. You can wear the wig for a long time without worrying about the wig shifting or falling off. You will rest assured to wig and continue to do business as usual. This is because the HD lace wig is made of a sturdy adjustable strap that can be firmly fixed to your head before you decide to remove it.

8. High-definition lace wig protects your natural hair

  • Natural hair is always delicate, this’ why you need to do everything to protect it. Most wigs, especially inferior wigs, will seriously damage the natural hair quality. But the high-definition lace wig can not only improve your appearance, but also protect the natural hairline from dust, dust and sunlight.

9. The high-definition lace wig is glue-free

  • Of course, this is an incredible feature that distinguishes HD lace wigs from other regular wigs. Most people are allergic to the chemicals in the glues and adhesives used to fix lace wigs. But with high-definition lace wigs, you don’t use these harmful glues and adhesives. As mentioned above, the high-definition lace wig is equipped with an adjustable strap on the back. In addition, their front part is also provided with a ribbon along the perimeter of the hairline, making it easy to wear and remove. Therefore, if you are one of the people who are allergic to these glues and adhesives, you should consider wearing a high-definition lace wig.

best hd lace wigs

best hd lace wigs

10. HD lace wig is soft, thin and transparent

  • Another incredible thing about human hair high-definition lace wigs is that their texture is very thin, soft and smooth. They are also transparent. Of course, their transparency is one of the reasons that distinguish these wigs from other conventional wigs. This transparency also brings convenience. The texture of the HD lace wig makes it very easy to use.

11. You can treat high-definition lace wigs like natural hair

  • Of course, if you want the HD lace wig to last longer, you must keep it properly. This involves washing, conditioning and brushing teeth. The advantage of these best quality wigs on the market is that you will treat them the same way you would treat natural hair. You don’t have to worry about purchasing other independent hair products suitable for this particular wig; you will only use the same products as natural hair. Hair care products used for natural hair are also suitable for high-definition lace wigs.

How To Choose An Hd Lace Wig

  • There is also another type of wig that is almost the same as HD lace human hair. This is the undetectable transparent lace wig. These two types of wigs belong to the natural-looking and invisible wigs for women. But HD lace wigs are even more invisible, regarding which one to choose, your budget will determine that.
  • All these two wigs offer a more natural wig. But if your budget can allow it, you should opt for a human hair HD lace wig. That’s because of the reasons mentioned above.

Human hair HD lace wigs

Human hair HD lace wigs

  • Also, remember not to fail to take care of your HD lace wig. For instance, you need to brush it regularly to prevent it from tangling. Use a wide-tooth comb as it is the best comb for detangling. Wash it regularly to prevent it from accumulating dust and dirt. You should never sleep in your HD lace wig. And finally, hang the wig on a wig hanger or mannequin head if you are not wearing it. Proper storage of the wig is also important.
  • As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should start wearing a human hair HD lace wig. This wig will give you a more natural look and enhance your appearance. Moreover, it is easy to take care of. So order your HD lace human hair wig today and enhance your beauty.
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What are 3D Mink Lashes?

What are 3D Mink Lashes?

  • 3D Mink Lashes is the lashes made of real Mink Fur, which is soft, vivid and fluffy.3D means 3 Dimensional, no matter which side you look, they will make a perfect appearance.Whey people apply on the 3D Mink Lashes,it’s hard to distinguish which are the mink fur lashes and which are the real human eyelash fur. Which make an amazing eye make up.Ladies love them very much, and the 3D Mink Lashes business are very popular in the market.

false eyelashes bulk buyfalse eyelashes bulk buy

false eyelashes bulk buy

What the price of mink lashes cost?As you know, different quality different cost. Why ?

First, different raw material different cost.

  • Most lashes vendor do not use the best mink fur, they even don’t know which part of the real mink fur are the best, and just use the broken the ones, that are not as sharp as our Luxury Mink Lashes.If you want to know How to Distinguish 3D Mink Lashes, you can click here to get more professional information.《How Many Kinds Of Mink Lashes Do You Have?》

Second, different process different cost.

  • There are two main process to make 3D effect.
  • The first one is the chemical one.Most Mink Lashes Vendor use this method, because this is an easy way to make a 3D effect, and that will save time to produce the mink lashes if they use chemical liquid.But if you have sensitive skin, you may feel some pungent smell. So this is unhealthy mink lashes.And if they are made of machine, that will be much cheaper than the one with handmade.《/even-if-you-shop-around-youll-still-choose-caleche-lashes/》
  • The second one is made by physical process.We use high temperature to make the 3D effect, at the same time, we can kill the virus. So our luxury mink lashes are very safe.Besides, all of the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes are made of top grade mink fur from the young mink fur, which is long, strong,fluffy and smooth. And all make by our skilled worker by hand.
  • Third,Different QC system.We have strict QC system. And if we find the real mink fur and mink lashes are broken in the process, we will throw them away.But for the other mink eyelash vendor, they may do not have QC team, and all the mink lashes will send to you when you order Mink Lashes Bulk Orders.
  • Forth, the length of the mink fur.If you order 25MM 3D Mink Lashes, They are a little bit more expensive than the 20MM 3D Mink Lashes and Natural Mink Lashes.Those are the main Fourth reasons that cause different cost, so you should test the quality mink lashes first, and then focus on the price of mink lashes.

extension lash factory

extension lash factory

  • So if you order the natural mink lashes, the wholesale price is 4 USD to 6 USD according to the quality and quantity. By the way, there do have Cheap Mink Lashes in the market, you should consider the cost of the mink lashes first, and then the quality. Just remind you to make a perfect order instead of just pay attention to the price.
  • If you buy the bad Cheap Mink Lashes, you will never sold them out. And you will lose and waste your money.And for the 20MM 3D Mink Lashes, it usually costs 4 USD to 7 USD, if you buy bulk orders, you should tell your Wholesale Mink Lashes the quantity you want to order, and then your mink lash vendors will give you an exact wholesale price.
  • 25MM 3D Mink Lashes is the most popular style lashes in the market, usually this kind of mink lashes cost 5 USD to 8 USD each pair.What more, never just focus on the price, pay attention to the market and quality.《Who Are The Best Eyelashes Wholesalers?》
  • If you know your customers, do not buy cheap bad mink lashes, because you will lose them at last.On the other side, if you supply best mink lashes to the market, you will get more and more regular customers,and you will build your lashes brand at last.Such as Lilly Lashes, they never use bad lashes, so most girls love Lilly Lashes and choose the products from Lilly Lashes.So the market and quality of your mink lashes will bring you a huge profits.

How to apply 3D Mink Lashes?

  • There are to many tutorials on the internet, and today we will show you the key point to apply 3D Mink Lashes step by step.
  • First, open your 3D Mink Lashes box and put out of your mink lashes.
  • Second, take off the Lashes from the tray.Make sure put the left lashes to your left eye, and the right lashes apply on your right eye.
  • Third, measure the strip of the lashes according to your eye line.Cut off the excess of your mink lashes with eyelash scissors.
  • Fourth, apply on the eyelash glue on the band of the mink lashes.Wait for a few second, apply on the mink lashes when the glue dry. You can also choose Eyelash Glue Eyeliner Pen, so that you can draw eyeliner on you eye skin and they put on the 3D mink lashes.Different eyelash different structure and style, so you should choose the one which suit for your shape of your eye and face.

How to create your own 3D Mink Lashes?

  • When you create your own lashes brand, you may want to create your own 3D Mink Lashes.And today, miis Lashes will help you create your lashes style step by step.
  • First, cooperate with the lashes factory who have their own eyelash designer.As you know, most of mink lashes vendor they don not have their own designer, and they can’t design mink lashes for you.
  • Second, make an sketch and drawing to show the structure of your own mink lashes.Send it to your mink eyelash vendor to confirm the details about the lashes.
  • Third, make an eyelash sample and confirm the lashes.Your mink lashes vendor will design first, and they will do a sample for you to test the quality and style.If they are exactly what you want, just confirm it. If not, modify it until they are exactly what you want.
  • Fourth, order your own mink lashes from the catalog of your mink lashes order.Your lashes vendor design too many mink lashes style in the market, and most of them are tested and selected by the market.So you should ask for you Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor which style are the best seller.And give your style name to your mink lashes vendor, and when you push on the market, you can use your own style name, such as Lilly Lashes Miami, when it comes to the Miami Mink Lashes, people can find Lilly Lashes easily.

human hair eyelash factory

human hair eyelash factory

How to start selling 3D Mink Lashes?

  • We are expert of selling 3D Mink Lashes, and as the best mink lashes vendor in the market, miis Lashes have helped more than 100,000 girls to start their 3D mink Lashes business line. And most of the have their own lashes company and salon.And today we will show more details about how to start selling 3D Mink Lashes step by step.
  • First, choose you mink lashes vendors.This is the first step you should do, open Google and input keyword “Lashes Vendors”, Google will suggest your to many lashes vendors in the market,and you should choose one and identify it with sample orders, and choose it finally.
  • Second, choose your mink lashes style.You should do a survey first, and make sure which style of mink lashes, you customer like best. Or you can ask for your help of your mink lashes vendor if they are expert of your target market.

china eye lash factory

china eye lash factory

  • Third, design and produce your own lashes packaging.There are three ways to own your mink lashes packaging.
  • 1st Free eyelash packaging.If you choose miis Lashes, we will supply you free eyelash packaging for you to help you start your mink lashes business line. If you want to order the free lashes packaging now, you can contact us by WhatsApp.We will send you free eyelash packaging catalog, and you can choose any style lashes packaging from the catalog.
  • 2nd General mink lashes packaging.There are many regular packaging in stock so that you can choose them easily and we can ship to you within 24Hours, to make sure you receive the parcel at the first time.
  • 3rd Custom eyelash packagingYou have to design and produce custom eyelash packaging if you want to create your mink lashes brand.We can design for you just free if you choose miis Lashes to be your first Mink Lashes Vendor.
  • Fourth, build your social media.Make sure you have your own lashes brand social media, such Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Fifth, build your own website, you should have your own website, and when people want to mink lashes , you can show them at the first time. So that to promote sales.
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Which Eyelash Glue Is The Best?

Which Eyelash Glue Is The Best?

  • Many girls worry about the safe of the eyelash glue,Can Eyelash Glue Damage Your Eyes? And Can Eyelash Glue Cause Headaches? Those terrible questions are really exist than the beautiful girls have to face them.

best eyelash glue

best eyelash glue

Today, I will tell you the truth of these questions. And tell you the skills to choose the best eyelash glue.

  • As we know ,Eyelash Glue contain chemical composition such as phenylpropionic acid,,generally speaking,they have no harm to the skin,but if you use the bad overproof glue,they do harm to your eye,and your eye will tear,but won’t blind you .

custom lash glue

custom lash glue

So you should choose the quality eyelash glue,so how to choose the quality eyelash glue?

  • Firstly ,you can smell the glue,if they smell pungent,you can’t buy them and they are not the best eyelash glue.

eyelash glue

eyelash glue

  • You should buy the glue who have MSDS and certificate that prove they are safe. To some extend they are more expensive than the bad mink eyelash,but they do not harm to you eye,that worthy it.So if someone give you free eyelash glue,can you dare take them and put on your eye?《How Many Kinds Of Mink Lashes Do You Have?》
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How Many Kinds Of Mink Lashes Do You Have?

How Many Kinds Of Mink Lashes Do You Have?

  • we have more than 300 popular styles in stock, and we design and produce too many style lashes for our customers.there are mainly three style mink lashes in the market according to the length of the mink fur.

handmade mink eyelashes manufacturers

handmade mink eyelashes manufacturers

First, Natural Mink Lash

  • This style of lashes is usually 13 to 16mm long, and they are short, so you can call them Short Mink Lash instead.If your customers want to make natural eyelash makeup, they will choose Natural Mink Lash to be the first choice.

Second, 20MM Mink eyelash

  • 20mm mink eyelash is 20mm long from the bottom of the mink fur to the top.
    They are the styles between natural mink lashes and long dramatic lashes, some girls just want their lashes a little bit narual and dramatic, so they will choose 20MM Mink to lash.

Third, Dramatic Mink eyelashes

  • we usually called this style lashes 25MM Mink Lash, because the length of the mink fur is 25MM long.These style lashes are very hot in the USA now, and young girls love them very much, they are amazing and gorgeous, fluffy, and soft. Most of our customers only order this long dramatic styles, and they catch the opportunity to open the market.

Fourth, Messy Mink Lashes

  • Messy mink lashes are a new style in the market, most people would like to apply messy and fluffy lashes,so this style of lashes will be a good choice.Besides, Messy mink lashes also have short messy mink eyelashes and long dramatic messy mink lash.In conclusion, there are too many style mink lashes in the market, what should you do to make a perfect order?
  • You have two ways to make a perfect order:
    First, if you have a limited budget, Miis Lashes, an expert of mink Lash suggest you just focus on one point.You should buy the best seller. so you can easily sold all you mink eyelash out and get your money back in a short time.Second, buy each style of mink lash, different customers different the more style you order, the more choice your customer will have, which will give a good customer experience and service.If you need help, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we will help you make a perfect decision.

mink lashes wholesale usa

mink lashes wholesale usa

What is the best mink eyelashes supplier?

  • First, The best mink lash vendor should design lashes and produce mink eyelashes by themselves,so that he will know the market very well.
  • Second, produce high quality, and make the unique design.People want the unique high-quality mink eyelash to satisfy the market to get more and more regular customers.At the same time, this is what we want to do, to achieve a win-win goal.《how-to-judge-mink-eyelash-quality/》
  • Third, made by hand.As you know, more and more Mink Lash vendors use machines to finish the production.But we can’t do this, we make Mink Eyelash with our hand and soul, the Mink Lash made by machine loses life and soul.And you can easily tell them apart if you are an expert, if not, follow our blog, we will show you more professional skills you.
  • Fourth,Top grade mink fur.Only you use the best raw material you can produce a top-grade luxury mink eyelashes.we use sellected mink fur from the tail of the young mink, which are fluyy, soft, and gorgeous.This is the basic stone if you want to make a top grade luxury mink eyelash.
  • Fifth, Cheap Price.You should find the Mink Lash Factory, which can give you a cheap wholesale price if you want to start your mink lash business.
    You have to test each mink lash vendor if you find several mink eyelash suppliers.This will cost you a lot of time, and you have to lose your time to get a real lashes factory who can supply best mink lash at a cheap wholesale price.

customize your own eyelash box,

customize your own eyelash box,

Why girls choose Miis Mink Lashes?

  • Fist, Strict QC Policy.Miis Lashes is one of the Best Mink Lash vendors in the USA, we have a strict QC policy and team.This is the first reason, and people would love to make high-quality mink eyelash from us.
  • Second, Cheap Wholesale Price.we are the Lashes Factory, so we can supply the best cheap mink lash to our customers, the more the cheaper.You will have huge profits if you cooperate with us,and our team will supply the best mink lash and services to you with love patience, and cheap wholesale price.These are the two key reasons I think,we will try our best to design and produce more and more unique mink lash for the market.

What the price of your mink eyelash?

  • Different lashes different, usually, the price is 2 USD to 5 USD according to your quantity.And, we do have luxury mink eyelashes 8 USD to 12 USD for each pair, no one can set such a high price,
  • but we can do this because we spend a lot of time and energy on the luxury mink eyelashes.All these top-grade luxury mink lash they use for the Hollywood star to apply on them to make perfect and professional eye makeup.And the retail price is 80 USD to 150 USD.So different costs different market, you should make a decision first. And then win the market.

wholesale luxury 3d mink lashes

luxury mink eyelashes

  • You can also choose 2 USD to 5 USD for each pair, and you will sell more lashes and get more profits if you sold more.Anything about the Real Mink Lash, please feel free to contact us, we will help you make the right purchase.


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How To Apply Fake Lashes?

How To Apply Fake Lashes?

any girls don’t know How To Apply Fake Lashes, and if you don’t know How To Put On Fake Lashes you will destroy your lashes or eye makeup. So today, Miis Lashes tell you how to apply fake lashes step by step.

3d mink lashes wholesale

3d mink lashes wholesale

1 Take off your Fake Lashes with tweezers from the outside of your lashes tray.

  • Be careful to catch the band of the lashes, do not touch the fur of the lashes.There are some glue on the tray to make the lashes on the tray with a perfect shape to match your eye.

2 Cut off the excess of the lashes.

  • Different people different different eye, so you should cut off the excess of the lashes with your scissors to match your eye.Few people know this, in fact, not each pair of Fake Lashes can fit your eye very well. So you should measure it and cut off the excess of the Fake Eyelash.

3 Apply your lashes glue on the strip of your fake lashes.

  • There are may two kinds of lashes glue in the market:

    The first glue if the fast dry one, and when you put them on the band of the trip lashes, they are easy to dry within 2 seconds. This is used by professional makeup artists.

    The second one is Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue. They are safe and can be used by pregnant.

  • Few Lashes Vendor can produce this, and if you want to Buy the real Best Eyelash Glue, you can contact us.No matter with lashes glue you use, Make sure to apply evenly so that your eye skin can touch your band of fake lashes totally. This is the basic of your eye makeup.

25mm lashes wholesale

25mm lashes wholesale

4 Wait for your eyelash glue dry and press the strip of your fake lashes.

  • It will takes 5 to 15 seconds according to your eyelash glue. And when the water gone, and your glue will be sticky.

5 Apply your fake lashes from the inner side to the outside of your eye.

  • This is the easy way, and you need a mirror to modify the position of the eyelash.

6 Apply black eyeliner to hide the strip of Fake lashes.

  • When you finish the work, your eye makeup will be natural and professional. And your strip lashes will be your own lashes instead of the fake lashes.

eyelash vendors usa

eyelash vendors usa

7 Apply mascara to your fake lashes.

  • You may use mascara if you apply natural fake lashes, and if you apply 20mm lashes or 25mm lashes , you may not us mascara. It depend your favourite.

8 Apply your eye shadow to make professional eye makeup.

  • This is the last step of your eye makeup. And the color of the eye shadow depends on the style of fake lashes you choose.

9 Where to find your fake lashes vendor?

wholesale eyelash vendors

wholesale eyelash vendors

10 what the price of fake lashes?

  • Well, it depends on the material of the fake lashes you choose.If you choose Mink Lashes, that will be a little bit expensive than fiber one or plastic ones. So if you want to know the details of fake lashes, you can contact us to get a exact wholesale price.
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How to make your own eyelashes?

How to make your own eyelashes?

  • Mink Lashes Business is very popular in the USA, more and more girls want to make their own eyelashes and start their own lashes business, so today, miss Lashes will teach you How To Make Your Own Eyelashes step by step.

private label custom eyelash packaging

private label custom eyelash packaging

First, Design your own Lashes style

  • If you want to make your own eyelashes style, you have to design them first, so you should have your own lashes designer and if you don’t have your designer, you should find a Lashes Factory who have their own designer, so you should cooperate with them, and give you all your ideas to your Lashes Vendor, and they will design the style for you.
  • As you know, not every Mink Lashes Factory have their own lashes designer, and they buy semi-finishes material and then produce the mink lashes.So if you want to produce your own mink lashes, you should find the best mink lashes vendor such as miss Lashes, who have their own designer.《 Will most customers choose mink eyelashes or faux eyelashes?》

Second, Find your professional and trustworthy Lash Vendor

  • As you know, this is a technical thing if you have to a good way to find your professional and trustworthy lashes vendor, and now we suggest your an easy and best way.You can use Google and input keyword, Lashes Vendor, and Google can tell you the best lashes vendors, don’t click the Ads, Google will check everything for you, so you can easily find your best mink lashes vendor through Google.
  • Google will suggest all top Lashes Vendors for you, and you can choose the one who rank to 1 or top 1 page, and this is the best and easy way.And if you have no ideas about How To Choose Eyelash Vendors, we can help you step by step to make a good decision.And What Should You Do When You Find Your Lashes Vendor? Follow us, we will share skills tips to you, which will be of great help to you and your mink lashes business line.

Third, Make a name for each style of lashes

  • A good style name your customer will remember the style, such as Lilly Lashes Miami, when it comes to the Miami lashes style, girls can easily find Lilly Lashes, and get the exact style you like.So it is necessary to make a unique amazing style name for your each style lashes. So that your customer can buy the one they love directly, at the same time, it will save time to choose and will promote your sales.

Fourth, Test your Lashes in the market

  • Make sure your lashes style are all the update and popular styles in the market that girls love them very much. Otherwise, no one will buy from you.So you should test the market and send to your customers and friends to test them first before you sell the lashes.《Why is our 7D eyelash line such a hit?》
  • If you have no idea about How To Test The Quality Of 3D Mink Lashes, you can read this post,we will help you to test them.Make sure to choose and produce more styles that your customer love, so that you can easily sold them out and get more and more customer and profits from the market.

mink lash packaging

mink lash packaging

Fifth, Promote your lashes business line with skills tips.

  • There are to many skills tips and free way to promote your lashes business line, and here are most we use :

1 Build Your YouTube Channel

  • YouTube is the biggest video website people use, and they will choose the YouTube to see the product directly to check the style and quality.So you can build your own YouTube channel and show your products and service to your customers through YouTube Channel. You will get more and more subscribers when your customer find you. So your will get more and more new customer from the YouTube.

2 Build your website and start your SEO work.

  • When it comes to the website, you should know Google, the biggest Search Engine in the digital market. So just start your website and your SEO work. Your customer will find you and make an inquire to you.If you want high quality products photo and to build your own professional website, please free contact us WhtsApp, we will help you step by step to make a professional website.
  • And for the SEO work, you can hire a professional man to do this work for you, because this is a technical work , the man must know Google very well.So you will get more and more organic traffic from Google, and your business line will get bigger and bigger.

Sixth, Design your logo

  • Each brand should a unique logo, so that your customer will remember your business.And if you want to get a free eyelash logo, you can read this post How To Get A Free Lash Logo we will help you design a free logo for you, and you can also choose Fiverr to design a logo. Usually it will take 30 usd.

Seventh, make your custom lashes packaging

  • If you want to build your lashes brand , you’d better to do custom packaging, which will show your brand strength to your customers, at the same time, will promote your business line, and bring confidence to your customers. And if you want to know the importance of lashes packaging, and design your own Lashes Packaging

mink lash wholesale vendors

mink lash wholesale vendors

Eighth, Make your price strategy.

  • You should do a survey to know the consume level of your target customers and competitors. Know them, know yourself, in order to win.

How to make price strategy step by step?

1 Check your cost

  • This is the basic if you want to a perfect price strategy, and you should check each cost of your business line cost.Make a list that your totally spent and then your can calculate the cost of per pair lashes.
  • Do not just check the cost your Mink Lashes Vendors send to you, that is just the exact cost of your mink lashes, you should add cost of shipment, packaging, remittance fee, and post bags, your cost of Adds, websites, photo, office, employees, office, computers, your time and energy, and so on.

2 Make a marketing survey.

  • You can use your keywords and Google, and you will find so many competitors, and compare your mink lashes with theirs.Do not just focus on the price, make sure to find the same quality lashes, and they make a order to test.

Why you should make an order?

  • You will find more details when you finish an whole order. When you receive your order, open the box and you will find the secret.If you want to know more details about how to study your competitors, you can add WhatsApp , we will tell you more about the secret of your competitors.
  • When you see the price of your competitors, you will calculate your profits easily if you make a list of your cost.So if you may have many market strategies to make more money from your lashes business line.

1 Build your lashes brand.

  • So you should have your own website, and you should do Advertisement to let more and more people to know you and your brand name. Such as Google Advertisement, Facebook advertisement. And make sure to choose Best Mink Lashes Vendors, who make and design Premium Mink Lashes for you. So that you will get more and more profits and customers.This is what we suggest you should do to be a well-known lashes vendors.

premium mink lashes wholesale

premium mink lashes wholesale

2 Lower that your competitors

  • And this is a easy way to get your customers if your lashes quality are as same as your competitors, and people would like to buy good mink lashes with cheaper price.Attention, make sure you make profits form the lower price strategy, and make sure you have too many orders, so that you can win more.
  • These are the basic two ways that most Lashes Vendor will do, and the most lash vendors would like to do the Lower price strategy first and then build the lash brand, We do suggest this method.Wish everyone find the professional lashes vendor and the popular style in the market. If you need professional help,welcome add WhatsApp.
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Who Are The Best Eyelashes Wholesalers?

Who Are The Best Eyelashes Wholesalers?

  • If you want to find the best Eyelashes Wholesalers, you want to buy the Best Eyelash from the Lashes Wholesalers, and today miis Lashes will help you find your Best lashes wholesaler from the market.

25mm lashes vendor

eyelashes vendor

First, what can the best eyelash wholesalers do for you?

  • As we know, a good eyelash wholesaler must supply best product and services to you.So everyone know this, and today we would like to add one advice. What should should buy is not only the high-quality mink lashes,
  • you also need to buy the popular one and hot style.So that you can easily sold them out and get profits from the business line.So how to choose the best seller?

1st Make a survey.

  • This is an easy way for you to test the style.Purchase some lashes sample from your eyelashes wholesalers. And then send to your friend and regular customers just free.But they should give you a review and feedback. And just write down all the feedback from the real reviews.

2nd Collect information.

  • Collect all this suggestion and advice, and send to your eyelashes wholesalers, and you will make a good purchase that fit for your local market.

3rd Do make a test before your bulk orders.

  • Make new lashes business owner find miis Lashes and told us they do make a sample test,and everything are good,and the sample is high-quality mink lashes, and when they make a bulk orders, and they find they are not as good as the sample one.what’s more, some lashes wholesalers don’t send the sample style to them.So it’s true, and do take some measures before the bulk order. And if you want to get the solutions, you can add WhatsApp,we will share skills useful tips to you, and avoid the trap.

4th Order best sellers from your lash wholesalers.

  • If your mink lashes Wholesaler are an experienced Lashes Vendor, they must suggest your buy best seller to you.Because they do know the sales data and they know the international market very well, so they will suggest you buy the best seller in the year 2021.So make sure to ask for the best seller ,and you will find what your customer love so your business will become more and more successful.

25mm lashes wholesale

handmade mink eyelashes manufacturers

Second, Where to find the eyelashes wholesalers?

1st Come to China

  • As you know, China is the birthplace of the mink lashes, and there are many Lashes Factory in China,who can produce top grade luxury mink lashes for you ,such as Lilly Lashes, they purchase mink lashes from China Lashes Vendor. And they make huge profits from the business line.
  • And girls love the brand very much, and in fact,we do have top quality mink lashes which are much better than Lilly Lashes, and we are Lilly Lashes Vendor once.But our cost of mink lashes are bit higher than the other lashes vendor. Lilly Lashes choose the cheaper.
  • Then we design and produce some new mink lashes style with a cheaper price, and wow,most of the mink Lashes Vendors From USA they said they are Affordable Mink Lashes and they are very popular in the market. So we learn a lot from the market.

2nd Use Google

  • Search them by Google, and Google will tell you the best answer to you. If you search Lashes Vendor, Google will suggest the professional answer to you, and you can test them one by one.And you will find there are too many lashes vendor from all over the worlds. As we said before, make sure choose China Mink Lashes to be your lashes wholesalers.There are the main two tips to find your mink lash wholesalers, and if you want to know more ways, please contact us by WhatsApp.we will tell you more ways to get your lashes wholesalers.

25mm mink eyelashes

best mink eyelash vendor

Three, How to get a good wholesale price from your eyelashes wholesalers?

  • Most people order their lashes wholesalers to give the cheapest price when they make the first order, in fact, this will not goes.Because if you order form mink lash wholesalers, you should tell them the quantity first,and then they will give you exact wholesale price to you.If you just want to know the exact wholesale price, that will be a wrong way.
  • The first thing you should ask for the catalog, and make a sample order, just make sure this is what you want to order, and your customers love them.And then ,make a bulk order, right here, so you can tell your salesman the exact order you want and the target price.
  • So they can calculate the cost for you, and if they can apply coupon for you, they would like the satisfy you. Why?The more they sold out, the more salary the salesman will get, so if they do have difficulty to give you a good wholesale price,you should change a way to get a good wholesale price.
  • First way, you can ask them to apply a coupon to you if you are the regular customers.
  • Second, you can add lashes and packaging in order to get a better price, the more you spend, the cheaper will be.
  • Third, ask some gifts from your lashes vendor, and if you are a regular customer, you can do this, and use them to promote your lashes business line.Send all the gifts to your own regular customers, and your customer will remember you and your brand name.


Fourth,How many eyelash wholesalers should you cooperate with?

  • Well, it depends.If your customer are different. Then you should cooperate different mink eyelashes wholesalers and supply affordable mink lashes to your customers.If you are focus one luxury mink lashes market, you should cooperate with the best mink lashes suppliers and make sure each luxury mink lashes are all perfect one.
  • So if you purchase the bad lashes with cheap wholesale price, we suggest stop doing this,and you will lose your customer at last, and they will choose the one who supply reasonable price but high-quality mink lashes.So you may have two kinds of eyelash wholesalers in hand, and make sure they are all trustworthy lash manufacturer.

25mm mink lashes

flash eyelash packaging box manufacturers

Fifth, Why choose the Best eyelash wholesalers?

  • We suggest all the girls who do lashes business line choose the best eyelash wholesalers and purchase best mink lashes.Why ?

First, Promote your lashes business line.

  • No one would buy the bad lashes at the second time. So you you will lose your customers at last.

Second, best eyelash wholesaler supply safe mink lashes.

  • And do no harm to the eye and skin.

Third, Build your lashes brand

  • If you supply best mink lashes, your customer will love your lashes and remember your brand name.So they will make an order to you directly when they remember your brand name.

Sixth, How to test your eyelash wholesalers?

  • You have too many ways to test your lashes wholesalers ,and today will show several tip for you to test your eyelash vendors.

First, make a sample order.

  • Test the quality , if they are exact what you want to purchase.

25mm lashes

lashes wholesalers.

Second, make a small order.

  • If you love the sample order ,and they you can make a small order to test if they are as same quality as your sample.And if they are what you want , test the market, send the lashes free to your friends and regular customers.So you will know which one is the best seller.

Third, make a bulk order.

  • If your customer love your luxury mink lashes, you should make a Bulk Lashes Order.At the same time, you will get a best cheap wholesale price, because the more the cheaper.More skills tips and professional knowledge, welcome add WhatsApp.
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What Are Fluffy Mink Lashes?

What Are Fluffy Mink Lashes?

  • Fluffy Mink Lashes is made of the real mink fur, and the fluffy mink lashes we need more mink fur material to make the fluffy effect.You can also call Fluffy Mink Lashes Fluffy 3D Mink Lashes, so that you will look an amazing appearance in different angles, and your lashes will be fluffy glossy and multilayer with perfect 3D looking.If you want to buy best Fluffy Mink Lashes at a competitive wholesale price, never miss miis Lashes, We will supply best quality Fluffy mink lashes to you. Order now

custom eyelash packaging box,

custom eyelash packaging box,

Can fluffy mink lashes be reusable?

  • Well, it depends, if you buy top grade Fluffy mink lashes, your can wash them and dry them with gentle ways, and they can use up to 25+ times, and if you purchase Bad and cheap fluffy mink lashes, to tell you the truth, they are may not the real mink fur, and if you want to know the truth, add WhatsApp.《What questions should I ask my eyelash vendors to start an eyelash business?》
  • So if you make sure you have a good Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor who supply the real fluffy mink lashes to you.And if you want to distinguish the difference between the good mink lashes and bad mink lashes, please click to get more useful skills,we will tell you how to Distinguish the material of your 3D Mink Lashes.

Where To find fluffy mink lashes vendor and buy Fluffy Mink Lashes Wholesale?

  • As one of the best Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor, miis Lashes supply best mink lashes, all of our Fluffy mink lashes are the latest style in the market,all designed by our own designer.So you should find the Mink Lashes Factory,who do have their own designer and they can do custom lashes to you.
  • Besides, do test all the lashes sample in a special way, and you will find the difference.When you receive your sample from different fluffy mink lashes vendor, just apply on by yourself, and you will feel the difference.
  • So next, ask the price, and test the market, marketing and profits are the basic of your fluffy mink lashes business line.If you want to get more money from the business, you should know your marketing first,in the other way, which fluffy mink lash do your customers love?
  • so your fluffy mink lashes vendor must know the best seller,and supply you best seller,you can easily sold your fluffy mink lashes out.If you want to know more Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor List, contact with us,we will share top 5 Fluffy Mink Lashes Suppliers to you guys.

custom eyelash packaging usa,

custom eyelash packaging usa,

Who supply Fluffy lashes bulk order?

  • There are many fluffy lash vendors in the market,and today we will share some of the fluffy mink eyelash vendor to you who are tested by miis Lashes,and you can make a perfect order right now.

The first lashes vendor is miis Lashes, if you want to order now, you can contact with us by WhatsApp,

  • we supply 24H service to you, and can ask for any questions about your fluffy mink lashes and business, our salesman will help you solve all the issues you met with skills tips.

The second Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor to USA Is Sisley Lashes

  • They focus one the USA Lashes Marketing, and no mater what do you want to buy and make,they have their own design team and skilled works, so if you want to choose a good wholesale mink lashes Vendor, you can choose Sisley Lashes to be your professional mink lashes vendor.

The third fluffy mink lash vendor is Lashes Vendor.

You can choose any mink lashes vendor from Lashes Vendor. All are selected by the website, and you may find miis Lashes too.

So we do have many fluffy mink lashes vendors lists, if you want to get the whole list,you can add WhatsApp, we will share more to you guys.


Why fluffy 25mm mink lashes wholesale so popular in the market?

  • If you already have your mink lashes business line,you may find 25MM Fluffy Mink Lashes are very popular in the market.They are long and dramatic, fluffy and glossy, girls love them very much. Especially in USA, this style of fluffy mink lashes are easily sold out.
  • But there are many bad 25mm fluffy mink lashes in the market, so there is a huge opportunity to start your mink lashes with top grade fluffy mink eyelashes,not everyone can buy the real fluffy mink lashes from the market.

custom eyelash packaging,

wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory

How much do 3D Mink Fluffy Lashes cost?

  • Usually the real fluffy mink lashes cost 3USD to 12USD,and if your lashes vendor tell you the price only 1USD TO 2 USD,YOU CAN’T BUY THE REAL fluffy mink lashes. Why?

First , the cost of the material.

  • The price of raw material is much more expensive than the other material.And if you buy the cheap one, you can’t buy the real mink fur,or they make the lashes mix with fiber or plastic or something else.

Second, the cost of time.

  • If you buy the real fluffy mink lashes, they are all made by hand, and if you buy the cheap one,they must made by machine. So the quality is bad, and the lashes will lose soul, which is also not comfortable.
  • So if you buy the cheap fluffy mink lashes , you should test them, and if you make Fluffy Mink Lashes Bulk Orders,you may get this cheap wholesale price, it depends

custom mink lashes wholesale

custom mink lashes wholesale

How to make mink lashes fluffy again?

  • If your Mink Lashes are best quality, you can wash them by water and Lash Shampoo and then use paper towel to dry them,and then use hair dryer to dry them, and use your eyelash brushes to make the effect 3D.Your mink lashes will be fluffy again,and usually each pairs of real mink lashes use can use this way,
  • otherwise, your lashes will destroyed by the water or hair dryer.More information please subscribe our YouTube Channel miis Lases.Will reply to you ASAP.