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How to make more money through eyelashes

How to make more money through eyelashes

    The eyelash business is not simply selling eyelash products, he needs to consider from many aspects, such as eyelash material, softness, firmness, etc., so

do not think that the eyelashes business is a very small business. If you want to be a good eyelash vendors, you should do so to make more money.

wholesale mink lashes

    First of all, you need to find a high-quality lash vendors, because a high-quality eyelash supplier will certainly provide high-quality eyelashes, as long

as the eyelashes are of good quality, it will definitely bring you more loyal customers, good quality eyelashes will not be cheap. Do not try to buy low-quality

eyelashes cheaply, as this makes it difficult for you to gain customer trust and not make money.

mink lash vendor

  Secondly, you can search through the website to find a higher-ranked eyelash supplier. Such a supplier is more reliable. You can then ask for the eyelash

price and negotiate a final purchase intention to complete the transaction.《why-is-givenchy-eyelashes-the-best-supplier-of-mink-eyelashes/》

wholesale eyelashes

    Finally, you can test the quality of your eyelashes first. If you think the quality is good, you can sell them to your customers. How can more customers see

your eyelashes? You can sell eyelashes through INS, Facebook, Youtube or build your own website, and actively collect customer’s praise and display it, so

that target customers will recognize you as a real eyelash supplier, so as to attract more customers Make more money.

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What kind of eyelashes are best

What kind of eyelashes are best

    At present, more and more customers like to use eyelashes, but now the eyelash materials are different, and the quality is also uneven. MaryKay Lashes is

the best eyelash vendors. Good quality eyelashes must be made with high quality hair, MaryKay wholesale lash vendors  it is made of 100% mink eyelashes.

Each eyelash is handmade by factory workers. The finished eyelashes are soft, comfortable and natural, and are popular with many customers.

《What kind of safe eyelashes are on the market?》

wholesale eyelashes

     High-quality eyelashes are soft and comfortable to wear on the eyes. MaryKay’s eyelashes are hand-made by workers. We are the superior wholesale

mink lash vendors are thick and rooted. Our eyelashes can be rubbed repeatedly without losing hair, and they will not produce an irritating smell when


mink lashes vendor

    Secondly, good quality eyelashes are not only comfortable and soft, but also the material of the eyelash stems. The high quality eyelash stems are made of

pure cotton thread, because the entire eyelashes produced in this way will be light and comfortable, and will bring good customers Wearing experience, to

minimize the weight of eyelashes, such excellent eyelashes, I would like to ask which customer would not want to buy it?

wholesale lash vendors

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How to wear eyelashes correctly

How to wear eyelashes correctly

     Eyelashes meet the wishes of girls with short and rare eyelashes. Long and curled eyelashes magnify the eyes radially, which is one of the magic

weapons necessary for make-up. But some girls always feel that false eyelashes are very troublesome, and it is not easy to operate, and it is very ugly to

wear them. Today MaryKay eyelash vendors will teach you how to wear false eyelashes.

Lash vendors

    Step1. Draw the eyeliner before wearing the false eyelashes, and then use the eyelash curler to curl your own eyelash curler a little, so that the false

eyelashes will be specially fitted and will not split into two layers.


mink eyelash vendors

    Step2. Compare the tweezers or eyelashes at the eyes, and then cut off the remaining parts. It is not necessary to be too close to the eye when

wearingeyelashes, otherwise it will cause uncomfortable eyes. Do not be reluctant to cut when it is cut. It does not matter if you start hard, otherwise it will

affect the eye comfort.

3d mink lashes wholesale

    Step3. Use two hands to pinch the two ends of the cut eyelashes, and then bend the eyelashes to make the eyelashes fan out, so that the curvature of the

eyelashes will fit the shape of the eye. Spread the mascara evenly, pay attention to the amount of the mascara, do not need too much or too little, the false

eyelashes can be easily lifted at the head and tail, and only then apply more.

mink lashes vendors

   Step5. Wait until the glue changes from milky white to translucent, and then put it on when it is half dry. About ten seconds! The glue is the most sticky

and best to wear at this time. Put the mirror under the line of sight so that you can clearly see the end of your eyelashes. After holding the false eyelashes

with tweezers, put it on the end of the eyelashes and put it on. First fix the middle part, and then stick it to the head and the end of the eye. If the fat layer

of the eye is too thick, you can choose to use your fingers to support the eyelid, and then align the end of the eyelashes. Note that the more you fit your

eyelashes, the better the result.

25mm mink lashes wholesale

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How to find the eyelash vendors that customers love

How to find the eyelash vendors that customers love

     How to find the eyelash vendors that customers love? MaryKay Lashes is a great eyelash vendors, is the lash vendors chosen by most customers. In

general, when looking for and establishing suppliers, companies, regardless of their size, should follow the following principles:


eyelash vendors wholesale

   First, the principle of target positioning When seeking and establishing suppliers, enterprises should focus on extensive and in-depth inspections of

suppliers. According to the target customer’s attributes, the target product should be locked, and then the appropriate mink lash vendors should be selected

according to the target product’s quality characteristics, purchase quantity, price requirements, etc.

eyelash vendor

    Second, the principle of complementary advantages eyelash vendors should meet the requirements of the enterprise in terms of business philosophy,

business direction and technical capabilities, and should have a stronger advantage than the enterprise in certain fields, and can be advantageous to a

certain extent in future cooperation. Complementary.

wholesale lash vendors

    Third, the principle of selecting and hiring the best. In the case of the same quotation and the same delivery commitment, the suppliers with good

corporate image should be selected first. If this mink lashes vendors has provided products to certain brand companies and has been recognized by these

brand companies, it should undoubtedly become the best reference for you when choosing.

wholesale eyelash vendors

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Why choose MaryKay eyelash glue

Why choose MaryKay eyelash glue

    MaryKay Eyelash Company is not only an excellent eyelash vendors, but also we are lash glue vendor. The eyelash glue is mainly used for the bonding of

false eyelashes, the false eyelashes used to beautify the eyes, and the eyelashes are lengthened and thickened. The eyelash glue is not only used in

professional makeup, but also used in makeup.


lash glue vendor

    The moisture of the lash glue is black glue and white glue. Black glue can also be used as an eyeliner. White can only glue false eyelashes. MaryKay’s

eyelash glue is quick-drying and strong, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, does not contain latex, and will not damage the sensitive skin of the

eyes.Eyelashes using false lash gluewholesale-mink-eyelashes-glue-vendor-and-manufacturer/》can be pasted repeatedly, and the glue on the false eyelashes can be removed when removing makeup.

lash glue vendor

   MaryKay Company sells black and white lash glue in 5ml and 10ml capacities. Glue is used to bond false eyelashes to the roots of eyelashes to beautify

the eyes and to create various exaggerated stage effects. The main components of MaryKay’s eyelash glue are acrylic resin and water. Choosing MaryKay

glue is your right choice!

lash glue vendor

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Why choose MaryKay’s 16mm eyelashes

Why choose MaryKay’s 16mm eyelashes

    MaryKay Lashes is an excellent eyelash vendors, We ae the top 5 Brands in USA Market . Our Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is the TOP 2 Brands in China

and USA. Since the establishment of the company, we have harvested a large number of loyal customers.

16mm lashes

    MaryKay Lashes have More Than10 Years handcraft experences and professional service team, Our 16mm lashes is the most popular type of

eyelashes, Most novice customers will choose to buy this eyelash to start their eyelash business. The biggest advantage of this 16mm lashes is that although

it is short, it is very curled. After wearing, it is comfortable, fluffy, natural, and will not be dazzling.《Who Can Design Free Eyelash Packaging For You ?》


mink eyelash vendors

    MaryKay Lashes are made of 100% mink eyelashes. We use natural mink hair shedding. There is no cruelty. You can buy it with confidence. MaryKay

Lashes are professional great quality of mink lashes vendors, we do not produce so the lowest price quality lashes, we must promise quality is the best

when you received them and after checked. Our lashes can be reused 15-20 times.


eyelash vendors wholesale

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How to distinguish if the eyelashes you bought are mink eyelashes

How to distinguish if the eyelashes you bought are mink eyelashes

    With the increase of people’s economic income and the advent of the era of low profit in the market economy, more and more women like to wear mink

eyelashes, MaryKay Lashes as a well-known eyelash vendors,we sells 100% mink eyelashes. Our mink eyelashes are fluffy and natural, almost no weight, so

they are very popular with customers.《Where To Buy Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?》

lash vendors

     Mink hair is a relatively expensive raw material for eyelashes, so how to buy mink eyelashes is a matter of concern to consumers. but some unscrupulous

merchants use other materials to act as mink eyelashes under the drive of interest. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish true and false mink eyelashes

from the appearance of eyelashes.

mink lash vendors

     True mink eyelashes are clearly different from other eyelashes, When scalding with hot water, the mink hair is easy to deform, and the fiber hair is not

easy to deform. Secondly, it is burned with fire. The mink hair has the smell of burning hair and is squeezed into a powder by hand after burning. The fiber

has the smell of burning plastic. After burning, it looks like a knot, not broken.

mink eyelash vendors

    Mink hair first appeared in 2011 as a raw material for eyelashes. At that time, most of the market was artificial eyelashes, which is what we call ordinary

eyelashes. However, this artificial eyelashes have no hair peaks, and the texture is not soft enough, and some are inferior The chemical hair is not good for

eye health.

wholesale lash vendors

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How to choose eyelashes that customers like

How to choose eyelashes that customers like

    As a responsible eyelash supplier for customers, providing customers with high-quality eyelashes will naturally win customers’ love. MaryKay Lashes

company as an excellent eyelash vendors , We provide customers with quality eyelash products and eyelash packaging boxes,Our products are liked by many


《How do I find a lash vendor?》

eyelash vendors

    As an excellent lash vendors, if you want to provide eyelashes that customers like, first of all, you must strictly screen the eyelash producers, through

the comparison of pictures, buy eyelash samples from other eyelash vendors to try or provide your customers with different suppliers of eyelash products for

trial To choose good quality eyelashes.《 why-do-my-clients-always-introduce-new-clients-to-me/》

mink lash vendors

    Secondly, if you want to choose the eyelashes that your customers like, you must contact them in a timely and frequent manner, from which you can learn

about their preferences and changes, ensure that we can meet the needs of customers, retain customers, and let customers feel your sincere service.MaryKay

Lashes is your good eyelash vendors choice.

mink eyelash vendors

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How to quickly understand MaryKay Top 4 custom eyelash boxes

How to quickly understand MaryKay Top 4 custom eyelash boxes

  MaryKay as an excellent eyelash vendors ,We have made great achievements in the field of custom eyelash packaging boxes. The first custom eyelash

packaging boxes is a phone box designed by MaryKay. It is designed with a translucent pull box in the catalog box. The outside of the pull box is holographic

material, so the phone-shaped logo is printed on the box Especially true.《what-are-the-popular-money-box-styles/

Lash packaging

  The second custom eyelash packaging box is our radio box, which is similar to the first telephone box. The radio box is also designed with a holographic

material pull box.At the same time, in order to make the radio box look more real, we will cover the original holographic color with pink on the outside of

the box.《the-latest-acrylic-eyelash-packaging-box》

Eyelash packaging

  The third custom eyelash packaging box is “Lash Wood” packaging boxes.This box is designed with all laser boxes. After the design, the whole box is a

dense grid, and then add the brand name, eyelash logo and other patterns, very popular with customers.

Eyelash packaging vendors

  The fourth custom eyelash packaging box is transparent acrylic butterfly box, This box is cheaper than the previous three boxes, but our acrylic box is very 

Sturdy and of good quality.This box is full of butterfly logos. After printing, the whole box is lifelike. Not only that, MaryKay as a famous lash vendors, we

will print butterflies of different colors on the box according to customer requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.

Eyelash packaging wholesale

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Why choose MaryKay’s 25mm eyelashes

Why choose MaryKay’s 25mm eyelashes

 MaryKay eyelash vendors has been established for more than 10 years, the company’s business scope mainly includes  3D mink eyelashes, for example

25mm lashes and eyelash packaging boxes, eyelash glue (excluding hazardous chemicals), tweezers and other products processing and sales.


lash vendors

  25mm lashes are our company’s best-selling exaggerated mink eyelashes, which are loved by many European and American customers. Each of our

eyelashes is made from the hair that naturally falls off from the mink body. There is no cruelty. Each eyelash is handmade by the factory workers.

25mm lashes

  MaryKay Lashes are professional great quality of mink eyelash vendors, we do not produce so the lowest price quality lashes, we must promise quality

is the best when you received them and after checked. Our lashes can be reused 15-20 times.

wholesale mink lashes